Fearlessly Lead the Way

Join hundreds of your colleagues – other elected officials from cities of all sizes throughout Texas – for three-days of networking, idea-sharing, and learning. The TML-AMCC 2015 Elected Officials’ Conference will help you fearlessly take the lead in addressing the challenges and opportunities facing your city.

The Elected Officials’ Conference is the place to exchange ideas and solutions on issues that include:

  • Leadership and motivation
  • How to deal with difficult people
  • What your city council can do to generate revenue
  • Transportation funding
  • How to work in harmony with city staff
  • Effective communications with your state legislator
  • Ways to involve youth in your community
  • The power of cities in emergency response
  • Ethics in municipal office
  • Engaging your citizens

This year’s program includes a 2015 Legislative Briefing and Lunch where we’ll discuss the major legislation that will be considered by the Texas Legislature, how it affects cities, and how you can support the league’s efforts to protect city authority and revenue.

You won’t be just keeping up with the latest news and trends; you’ll be staying in front of them.

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